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Shelly Booth Cooley and The Cooley Law Firm are providing the following list of forms that are available, free of charge, on The Cooley Law Firm’s website. You can download the form on your computer by clicking on the link. Ms. Cooley has compiled the following forms to assist people dealing with Family Law issues. Ms. Cooley hopes you find these Forms helpful. If you need legal advice, Ms. Cooley is available to help. You may contact her via telephone: (702) 265-4505.



Child Custody:

Child Support:

  • Child Support
  • Presumptive Maximum CS 070114


Division of Assets and Debts:



Name and/or Gender Marker Changes



Client Intake Sheets:

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Shelly Booth Cooley, founder of The Cooley Law Firm, please complete the appropriate Intake Sheet prior to the consultation. Please make a list of questions or concerns that you have (for example: How does child support work? Who gets the marital residence?, etc.).  The Forms and Resources available on The Cooley Firm website will answer many questions.  Read as much as you can before the consultation.  If you have time prior to the consultation, please write down a list of you and your partner’s assets and debts.  It helps when you can include account numbers, recent balances, and who holds the accounts.  If any of the assets were a gift or inheritance, please note that as well.  A timeline, notes about and a history of the relationship are very useful, as well.  Please bring anything that you might think may be important to your case, including, but not limited to, photographs (especially of injuries resulting from domestic violence), emails, account statements, financial statements, calendars, and copies of text messages.

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