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Name-Gender Marker ChangeName Change:

The legal requirements for name changes can be found in NRS 41.270-41.298. Any person who desires to have his or her name changed, and/or a child’s name changed, must file a verified petition in the county in which the person, or child, resides. While not a complete bar to a name change, a name change may be denied if the individual seeking the name change has ever been convicted of a felony. A petition for name change must be published in a newspaper of general circulation at least one time, unless publication of the change of name would place the person’s, or child’s, personal safety at risk. Provided no written objection to the name change is received, the Court will make an order changing the name as requested in the petition.

Gender Marker Change:

A person who wishes to change the gender indicated on his/her/their drivers’ license and/or birth certificate must file a verified petition in the county in which the person resides. In the Petition, the individual must verify that he/she/they desires to change the gender marker, the time period the person has been living as a male/female, the person’s gender identification, and whether the person has undergone clinical treatment for gender transition. An individual desiring to change his/her/their gender marker may also request a name change. Most Courts require a letter from a medical provider to complete the gender marker change for an individual.

After the Court issues the Order, the name and/or gender marker change does not automatically change your name and/or gender marker with government agencies, banks, the DMV, etc. Most agencies will require a certified copy of the Order to change your name and/or gender marker. You can request a new birth certificate to be issued with the new name and/or gender as part of your final Order. If you desire to have a new birth certificate issued, you will need to contact the vital records department where you were born to find out their requirements. It is always helpful to have a copy of your birth certificate available to assist with this process.

If you are interested in changing your name and/or gender marker, or the name and/or gender marker of your child, The Cooley Law Firm can help you. Please contact The Cooley Law Firm at (702) 265-4505 for assistance.

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