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AnnulmentNevada Revised Statutes 125.290 to 125.440 addresses annulment. An annulment establishes that marital status never existed. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding a marriage, it may be annulled by the Nevada Courts.

A marriage may be annulled for the following reasons: Lack of Consent of Parent or Guardian (for a minor); Want of Understanding (i.e., gross intoxication, insanity, or mental disability, etc.); 3) Fraud (concealment of an issue central to the concept of marriage, i.e., inability or secret intent not to cohabit, have children, or have sexual relations); and Grounds for Declaring Contract Void in Equity (mutual mistake, undue influence, duress, negligent misrepresentation, etc.).

If the marriage to be annulled was performed in Nevada, there is no requirement of residency. If the marriage to be annulled was performed in a state other than Nevada, then one of the parties to the marriage must be a Nevada resident for at least six (6) weeks before the Annulment action is filed.

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