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“Shelly is a great attorney to work with! She is kind and intelligent. I often recommend her for surrogacy clients!”Kimberly Surratt, Family Attorney

“I endorse Shelly. We’ve had cases together. Shelly is forthright, intelligent, intuitive, professional, and excellent both in the Courtroom and outside of the Courtroom. She is someone I admire.”Amber Robinson, Family Attorney

“Shelly is a fierce counsel who is unafraid of taking on difficult and often contentious family law cases. Her ability to stay above the fray, and remain focused on task is a hallmark of her professionalism. Her clients benefit tremendously from her expertise.”Mario Fenu, Divorce Attorney

“Shelly is very knowledgeable and excellent to work with. I endorse this lawyer.”Jason Stoffel, Family Attorney

“Shelly is an excellent attorney and I have received nothing but positive feedback from clients I have referred to her.”Nicholas Crosby, Labor And Employment Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Shelly is an exellent and highly experienced family law attorney. She does a great job representing her clients.”Warren Freeman, Family Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Hard working, very competent, excellent knowledge of the law.”Stephen Minagil, Family Attorney

“Shelly is an excellent family law attorney. Her years of experience and demeanor make her an asset to any family law case.”Laura Deeter, Family Attorney

“Shelly is an effective advocate for her clients–and does so while maintaining high ethical standards and a high level of professionalism.”F. Peter James, Family Attorney